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The Gerald and Candace Giving Program


Gerald Alley

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The Gerald and Candace Giving program is an informal program in which was formed to assist in the distribution of assets and resources with the sole purpose to support non- profit organizations with the mission of helping others.


Please note, the Gerald and Candace Foundation is not a 501-C3 organization that has applied for tax exempt status and reports on regular basis to any authority; in actually we are an organization not seeking additional funding contributions from others.  The amounts given are recognized as deductible contributions according to IRS requirements to the best of our knowledge.


Our purpose:

We believe in the importance of helping others to pay homage to those who have assisted to provide education, spiritual guidance, and mentorship as they have been blessed.  Simply put, in the midst of your privilege the most important thing you can do is continue to pay it forward. In addition, if this support can pass on to others it creates an even more beneficial purpose. In light of today’s challenges currently felt in throughout the world, there is an overwhelming need of empathy and the human characteristic of helping those around us. We are pledged to continue to help and blessed  those as we have been.

Again, thank you for being stewards of our community and having a servant heart.  Organizations, such as yours provide a sense of hope in a time that can sometimes seem hopeless.

Best regards,

Gerald and Candace Alley Foundation

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