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Michael Davis, PGA

Director of Instruction / Golf Coach & Instructor

We are very honored to add the renowned Michael Davis to our team! Mr. Davis, a PGA Member, honed his teaching skills by training and traveling with renowned Tour coach Chris Como, who started his career as one of David Leadbetter’s instructors. Michael studied the science of biomechanics with one of the world’s foremost experts, Dr. Kwon, at his lab at Texas Woman’s University.

Prior to that experience, Michael achieved certification as a PGA Specialized teaching and coaching professional while working at some of the best golf clubs in the country, alongside some of the top instructors the industry has to offer.

Michael, a native of Florida, is passionate about teaching the game of golf, and blending traditional methodology with cutting-edge technology for an enhanced learning experience. Outside from golf, Mike is a hiking machine. Having traveled to numerous countries to fish, hike, and his personal favorite, surf, Mike is always around nature and the outdoors. Mike continues to #dogood by utilizing his talents to help young golfers achieve their best selves and help them release their talents.

Michael Davis, PGA
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