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Q & A

When was Diamonds on the Green created and why?

Diamonds on the Green was created in 2018.

I wanted to learn how to play golf and I felt there were other women that wanted to learn but was afraid.  I created the group for women who wanted to learn how to play golf, socialize and network with women of like mind and spirit.

Is this for profit?

No, we are not a for-profit organization. 

Is there a fee to become a member and are there dues associated to being a member?

Membership fees/dues are based on individual Chapters.  However, we do have "Annual Chapter" Dues.  Members are by recommendations only.

Will there be a chance for all chapters to meet?

Yes, as Diamonds on the Green grow and expand to different states. We have incorporated an "Annual Meet Up", which will be hosted by a different chapter annually.

What is Diamonds on the Green Mission

Our mission is to introduce the game of golf to as many minority females/ young girls as possible. In hopes they will gain interest and possible obtain a scholarship. There are billions of dollars in golf scholarships going unclaimed due to 1. Not enough Minorities 2. Not enough Female Minorities

Core Values

Integrity. Trust. Accountability. Commitment. Dependability. Dignity. Honesty. Honor. Responsibility. Fun

Where does most of your funding come from?

Out of pocket. This is a not for profit organization.

How many members are currently in Diamonds on the Green?

Between DFW TX, Houston, Austin, TX, GA, AL, VA, NC, MD & FL, CA Chapters there are over 200 women and 21 Chapters

Is this only for African American Women?

No, we welcome all ethnicity into the Diamonds. But we are a women-only orginazation. 

Are you collaborating with similar organizations on a local, regional, or national level?

No, not at this time, but will in the near future.

What is the reason for the Non-Compete Non-Disclosure Agreement?

A situation occurred when Diamonds on the Green was initially created where several members left and created their own group from the Diamonds on the Green format This is to protect the Diamonds on the Green private information, name, and brand.

Is the Diamond on the Green name Trademarked and LLC?


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