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The members of Diamonds On The Green is devoted to our members satisfaction.We are a fun loving group of ladies!!

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Vanessa Davis 


Vannessa Davis is a proud mother of two wonderful sons.  She was born and raised in Louisville, KY by way of Atlanta, GA.  She spent the first part of her career as an Accountant and transitioned to Human Resources after 12 years.  After moving to Houston, TX in 2007, she started her own part-time catering and event planning business in conjunction with a full-time career.  She graduated from University of Houston Downtown with an undergraduate degree in Business Management.  Today, she is an HR professional and entrepreneur.  She currently owns and operates a successful catering business, a production company, an investment firm and a start-up non-profit.  In her spare time, she volunteers for organizations such as Star of Hope and Houston Food Bank.  She loves all things sports!  One of her goals is to bring awareness of the sport of golf to more women and children. 

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Janele Robinson


Hello my name is Reba Janele Robinson, my friends and colleges call me “Janele” or “RJ”. I was born in Great Falls, Montana (Airforce brat). I moved and grew up in California, the San Francisco Bay Area to be exact. I am the only girl of three. A brother 18 months older and a brother 5 years younger. I am a mother of two amazing children 1 boy 1 girl and a grandmother of 6.


I moved to Ohio in 2000 and started playing golf in 2001 with my ex husband. We played with his 2 brothers and his dad. When we weren’t playing with them we played together. He pushed and pushed to bring out my potential. I figured I’d either quit (or strangle him) or get better and beat him. Well I didn’t strangle him, but continued to play with him. Only beat him twice. (He’s good)and came really close to beating him a dozen times.


After divorcing him, I continued to play (with him as well). Played in tournaments, scrambles and even played in a few leagues. I enjoy playing, no matter whom I’m playing with.  As I have continued to play I found that as golf is my passion as I also enjoy teaching. I like to give women a perspective from a woman’s point of view. How our body’s differ from a mans when playing the game.


I’m so excited about this group and the opportunities it has to offer. Because we as black women are  DIAMONDS ON THE GREEN!

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Shantai Warren


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Katrina LeVert


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Brandi Lowery


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Tamecia Glover


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Nannette Benman

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Michelle Brooks


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Keisha Lewis

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Nita Williams

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Jordan Franklin

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Cam Copeland

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